InCommon Certificate Service

ITS has procured an InCommon Certificate Service for the University.  This service allows us to generate, for all UConn Domains, an unlimited number of certificates (e.g., SSL, extended validation, client, and code signing) that are validated by a trusted Certificate Authority.

Technical staff across the institution aggressively responded to the recent Heartbleed exploit and updated University servers. Heartbleed attacked an OpenSSL vulnerability in order to obtain private data.  It is possible that some certificates were compromised and it would be wise to replace any that might have been exposed.  You may replace your certificates at no departmental cost by using the ITS fully subsidized InCommon Certificate Service. Additional information can be found at the following location: .

This expanded institutional relationship with InCommon decreases administrative overhead and reduces costs to departments.  We believe it can help you mitigate risks created by the recent security incident as well as encourage the use of certificate technology in general.